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RV Sales

We will assist with proper pricing, photos, advertising, showings, and sale paperwork.  During the rental season we will also facilitate potential buyers taking over sites if desired.  Trailers can either be on site, or in our storage lot (storage fees apply).  


Fee: 15% of Sale Price (paid at time of sale)  


Other Fees:  If approved by owner we may recommend repairs, cleaning, etc.  Storage fees if trailer is in our storage lot. 


Terms:  60 day agreement. A $500 fee will be charged if you sell yourself or remove the trailer from property.  15% fee will be paid at time of sale.  Proof of ownership must be provided prior to agreement (title).  


How to get started:  Let us know your year, make, and model.  We will research values and then take a walk through of your trailer.  We will recommend a price and if agreed will proceed with photos and marketing.  

Mountain Meadows Storage Lot

Campers that have renewed and paid their deposit for the 2023 season are welcome to move their trailer to our storage lot if desired.  No fees apply, however, you will need to request a storage permit which needs to be placed in a visible spot (taped in window).  


Campers who will not be returning are also welcome to store their units in the lot.  Storage fees are $100 per month and payment must be made every month in advance.  


Any campers put in storage lot without prior approval or storage permit will be subject to impound.  Unauthorized units are subject to rates at 2x storage rate plus $250 impound fee.  Unauthorized units will have hitch locks installed and not released until all fees and penalties are paid in full.


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